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Omega-3 represents a group of unsaturated fatty acids found in foods such as flax seeds, walnuts, soybeans, and fish. Great Day Omega-3 eggs provide several nutrients and minerals that promote a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that the body can’t produce omega-3 on its own? This is why it’s so important to include the recommended amount of omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.

Great Day All Natural Omega-3 Egg Essentials

The Lowdown on Lutein

Lutein is an oxygen-containing carotenoid found in several fruits and vegetables in addition to egg yolks. Carotenoids are comprised of orange, red, and yellow pigments-lutein falls in the xanthophyll (yellow) category- that shield against harmful sun rays and aid in photosynthesis.

Lutein is an antioxidant that provides nutritional support to our eyes and skin, and may reduce the harmful effects of free radicals. Check out to get the inside scoop on lutein and health.

A Case For Choline

Choline is an essential nutrient that promotes brain and memory development. It plays an important role in body cell function, nutrient transportation, and liver metabolism. Dietary choline has also been linked to a reduced risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and heart disease. Research identifies only 1 in 10 Americans are getting the recommended daily amount, so make a grocery note and be sure your diet isn’t choline deprived.

Visit for more information on the many benefits choline.

Delivering A Great Day

Offering you the Great Day you deserve is our passion. We are excited to continue serving farm fresh, flavor rich All Natural Omega-3 Eggs to accompany your healthy lifestyle. Check out our other products, join the conversation, and discover how eggs make it possible.